I lead a computational biology team with a broad interest in systems biology, immunology and epigenetics.

My group is also heavily focused on developing novel multiplexed singlecell technology. Using this technology, our goal is to understand how cellular heterogeneity encodes epigenetic function and regulation in complex biological systems. I am responsible for leading a number of computational single-cell projects, of which the Tendon Seed Network, part of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA), is the largest. The aim of the Tendon Seed Network is to develop clinical, biological and computational single-cell sequencing workflows to investigate the cell composition of tendon. Specifically, using spatial transcriptomics, imaging and single-cell nuclear RNA-seq we are building the worlds first map of the healthy Human tendon. This project is one of only two HCA initiatives established within the University of Oxford, and the only UK based Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) funded scheme.